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by Triple Double Band

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    The Album Dot My Eighths features 12 tracks of original new material written and recorded by Triple Double Band.
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I saw the glitter in her eye, And I knew she was mine This was the perfect night, Where the sun and the moon align It’s where ivory met black and white, Whilst the dawn began to lust Please don’t take this away, It’s with you that I’m obsessed All I ask for is one more acoustic, The stripe that completes my star Clothing, shelter, don’t mean a thing, All I want is one more bar CHORUS Harmony love affair, Won’t you take my fin Ebony this I swear, Always touch my skin Ivory the one I long, Abruptly so expire It ends just like this, this song You and I are on this trip, As we could only be We’ve seen throughout our spree, This melodic harmony King, Queen, and noble men, Make this world so incomplete Tonic, Dominant and minor third, They all add to this wondrous fleet To be heard is only a privilege, Taken granted would be bizarre Counterpoint this cantus firmus, All I want is one more bar Ivory the one I long, abruptly so expire
Jamsicle 03:38
If you’re looking for something that will make you feel free Hit the volume on this song, Cause I got a recipe It’s a one part lovin and three parts fun, A tablespoon of sugar and a dose of the sun Bake it in the oven, until it’s time to get ill, Then put it in the fridge, You’ve got a jamsicle Afternoon delight, Got the stereo blasting Heads popping up and down, Smiles everlasting From this weak shit I’m fasting, People comin up and they asking What the hell happened to the radio? laughing I said they’ve got the money, But we got the power Help me cook up these storms, Hour after hour Come on now and Tell me what your saying Toss them hands to the sky, and you know I ain’t playing Walk it out with them kicks, and keep those shoulders a swaying Grooving hard to the music, and this verse that I’m spraying I’m trying to make shit happen, and I ain’t just surveying I’ll rattle your glock, If you start disobeying Say ya if your ears are hungry for a snack- YA Bring fire from the kitchen, Til it’s smokin on this track
Although it’s set in stone, I won’t go it all alone The future’s in my hands, People of the sands CHORUS I’m on a journey to the dust, In you I place my trust My heart and soul I thrust, on this journey to the dust Because we can be near, to ones we hold so dear And cells and bones don’t stay, as our ashes float away Protect our love and cherish life, like a husband loves a wife And our children furthermore, make our dust forever endure.
Get a little soul and bust a little move now Get a little soul and find yourself a groove now One-e-and-a-two, three-and-four I got the music goin, flowin, Shakin up my bones and knowin Like a dish from magic sewin, E’erybody’s hearts I’m towin Happiness and joy I’m showin, Redefining easy goin In and out my harp I’m blowin, Until I die never slowin CHORUS Still there’s only one thing on my mind… I’ve got to keep this groove alive Making sure the melody survives I’ve got to keep this groove alive Certified in CPR, Performin it on my guitar Stitchin up the silent scar, Wish upon a morning star Package songs in a jar, Turn a bogey to a par Drop a nickel at the bar, Travel to a land afar


“Triple Double slam dunks on their new album, Dot My Eighths.” --Tucson Citizen

“Dot My Eighths” soothes one's soul much like Bob Marley's music did.--Arizona Daily Wildcat

“Dot My Eighths is a tasty, 12-song smorgasbord of toe-tapping musical styles” --Tucson Weekly

“Dot My Eighths is soaked with bright, bouncy soundscapes, just in time for beer-sipping at outdoor barbeques. –-Arizona Daily Star

"The Triple Double Band likes to do things the old school way; in other words they rely on well-written songs and musicianship instead of studio tricks and that commitment translates to every song on this fun party platter." --Antimusic.com


released April 1, 2009


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Triple Double Band Tucson, Arizona

Triple Double Band is a collection of creative songwriters who piece together an eclectic mix of popular genres to create a colorful sound with a positive message for humanity. Using three part vocal harmonies, dance inducing rhythms and driving complex melodies, they produce soul inspiring upbeat feel good rock. ... more

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