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Tell me that you love me, baby Show me that you care We can ride together to paradise Forever make the perfect pair CHORUS Take a step a little closer to me, Slide your heart towards mine. Take a step a little closer to me, Together we’ll be just fine. You already took my breath away With it won’t you take my hand. Hold on tight and don’t let go, I’m takin’ you to a far away land. CHORUS
It’s a long way down, but up is even more The cold burns down, pressing pressing cold It’s a long way home, through infinite snow An empty heart is a heavy heavy load CHORUS Warming melodies, blowing softly through the trees Warming melodies, upon a cool gentle breeze Your eyes and your hands, Gave me each and every note Warming melodies, for you that I wrote Keep Me Warm, Hold Me Closer, Won’t you Warm sun lies shallow, hope whistles through a tune Belly pain jumps through me, singing singing soothes Together but apart as we travel towards each other this song of ours, heals heals this lover CHORUS
mellow mood 03:37
Laidback, Sunday afternoon I am feeling this jazzy groove From my fingertips to my pinky toe riding on the beat and I’m riding it slow Like superglue stuck in my head I can sing this song until I was dead CHORUS I’ve got this mellow mood Let the music carry you through I’ve got this mellow mood I’m stuck inside of a groove Mellow Mood Got my body shaking My mind is out of control Rolling rhythm recognize, in heart, body and soul Spicing it up and make my day like a frosted cinnamon roll Maxing out relaxing now with every note I hold Enjoying the air like I don’t care this tune has got me sold
You’ve got to listen, listen to me right now I’ll give you a lesson, a lesson how How to be happy, how not to be sad When the world’s up against you, or treating you bad First you must realize, no one is to blame None that are special, just the simple and the same If you’re chasing the future, bogged down in the past You’re losing the present, the real gift you have Chorus What we need now is a love revolution, as our solution Quiet and some peace amidst the confusion, not noise pollution If it’s going to happen, then it’s already happened And all of your planning can’t make it less so You can try to avoid it, run away and ignore it Walk down different hallways, stand at the same door If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen Love Revolution
I sure know that stars implode, A billion thoughts that I can’t hold I’m flying down on a super moon, I want to know what you’re trying to do I decide to look, peer into your eyes, But I can’t understand it all the time CHORUS What do you expect from me, Free fall acceleration gravity (Bring this situation brevity) Knowing comes from time and space, And expectations minds create (Love can come from lights in space, Constellations we create) What do you expect from me, Cause I ain’t got no telepathy The rain may fall the sun may cry, But I can’t connect the dots of your eyes Words may show what eyes can hide, Barricades of tired smiles Simple words spoke into being, What do you expect from me I need you
natalie 02:05
Natalie, Natalie why don’t you talk to me I see your face projected, why do I feel rejected? Well for one thing, you like chicken wings Vegetarian, that’s how she’s eatin’ You’re kind of ugly, very hairy, full of acne, smell like dairy She went to Harvard, you’re a dumb nerd Natalie, Natalie why don’t you love me? I see your face so pretty, why do I feel so lonely? She has a good job, you dress like a slob She’s born with talent, you blame the government She’s well rounded, and you sounded, like a douche bag, so dumfounded You’re delusional, and she’s got it all I know I never met you, I know I’ll never get you Why can’t I have a chance for romance romance romance? I see how it is, I see how it is If you don’t say you love me, then you must be a bitch!!! Natalie, Natalie, and she’s got it all


With the release of their fourth studio album, >IV, it is evident that Triple Double Band has elevated its music to another level. By writing carefully handcrafted songs, the band’s collective skill and maturity as songwriters is showcased throughout the album. Hailing from Tucson, AZ, Triple Double Band pieces together an eclectic mix of influences to create a colorful and rich sound with a positive message; using three part vocal harmonies, complex rhythms, funky bass lines, catchy sax melodies and an intricate yet driving piano, the band creates their own special version of upbeat and feel-good indie rock.


released May 25, 2012


all rights reserved



Triple Double Band Tucson, Arizona

Triple Double Band is a collection of creative songwriters who piece together an eclectic mix of popular genres to create a colorful sound with a positive message for humanity. Using three part vocal harmonies, dance inducing rhythms and driving complex melodies, they produce soul inspiring upbeat feel good rock. ... more

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