by Triple Double Band

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released October 22, 2016


all rights reserved



Triple Double Band Tucson, Arizona

Triple Double Band is a collection of creative songwriters who piece together an eclectic mix of popular genres to create a colorful sound with a positive message for humanity. Using three part vocal harmonies, dance inducing rhythms and driving complex melodies, they produce soul inspiring upbeat feel good rock. ... more

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Track Name: By Your Side
I’m just walkin’ by your side
I can feel it in the air tonight
we gonna be together girl
and feel alright

I can see the sparkle in your eyes
and I know just what that implies
I can’t resist, so I advise
you come with me, and I'ma hold you tight
inside my arms, we’ll kiss the sky
and watch the stars as time flies by
and in the morning when we rise
abreast the dawn we’ll improvise

the energy flows in between
I feel so nice, we make quite a team
a script fit for a movie screen
I’ll be your man, you can be my queen
got me bouncin’ feelin' so extreme
like a child on a trampoline
elation, happiness, supreme
feelin' like I’m in a dream
Track Name: Song of a Beach
if you joined me, on the beach
it’s true that life, would be sandy
do we need our socks and our shoes,
when our feet make columns of twos
and if our toes cross paths with another's,
we won’t crush theirs but rather just cover
and give them our warmth, for a while
giving them love,
exchanging their pain,
for our smile

what if everyone lived on the beach?
(as ocean rolls in on the land)

if you followed me, to the beach
then could society, find all we need
resources might be rare,
but could give us purpose to share
and remind us we’re here for each other,
through oneness to love one another
I know a sacrifice, we must make
but the heart of the earth,
our souls and our love,
are at stake

what if nobody lived,
on the beach (we’d be so sad)
and we all just lived,
for our greed
warring for what we don’t need,
and causing our brothers to bleed
persisting in our evil ways,
living our lives as slaves

What if nobody lived, on the beach?
(as sea salt uncovers the sand)
Track Name: Price of Love
you got me thinkin, thinkin about you
you got me feelin, feelin lonely without you
you got me startin, startin to doubt you
love is a seed, it grows and it spouts through

the lows, the highs, hellos, goodbyes
laughter, tears, the days, the nights
the darkest shades of grey and the bluest of skies
the good, the bad, you’ll pay the price of love

you’ll pay the price of love

girl are you thinkin, are you thinkin about me?
my heart is a racin, like a car in the grand prix
I want to take you, to the beach, kiss under a palm tree
if you like adventure, together well journey through

Track Name: Make Love to You
I run my fingers through your hair
like my pick glides cross the string
beauty, happiness and joy
like flowers to the spring
I feel your heart beat against mine
like a rhythm of a drum
music hits I feel no pain
love makes me comfortably numb

I see your eyes when the lights go out
in the flickering of the flame
the melody starts singing to me
and my ear stakes its claim
and all around from the sky to the ground,
you know I’m feelin' o so nice
I wanna get lucky with you girl,
I wanna go roll the dice

there’s only two things in this world,
that I really ever want to do
the first one’s making music baby,
the second’s making love to you

you and music brighten up
the silence of my night
overflowing raw emotion,
my afternoon delight
elevate my soul
going straight to another place
I want to blast like a rocket launch,
going straight to outer space
Track Name: Automatic Lady
a war for peace, get on your knees,
I ask you please, your smile is deadly
just box me up, and take me home,
your breath is warm, love love love love
well is it love, or dynamite,
I light your fuse, boom boom boom boom
just pull the switch, the missile launch,
your body’s soft, violent affection

just want you here, just want you now
I want you, everywhere
just want you here, just want you everywhere
automatic lady

the barrel's warm, and full of smoke,
the trigger itch, pull it to find out
it has a shine, repetitive,
it’s only you, yeah yeah yeah yeah
well is it love, explosiveness,
I load the clip, bang bang bang bang
just pull me close, I understand,
your lips are red, violent affection
Track Name: Cruel Pretty Hazel Eyes
cruel pretty hazel eyes

yeah I messed up bad, you let it go to your head
here we are steps apart, alone with broken hearts

I apologize, will you compromise?
I gaze into your eyes, will you? will you?

sweetie, I guess I must be wrong
but if you’re right, I don’t want to play along
I’ll apologize fifteen-hundred sixty-four times
you’ll compromise with your cruel pretty hazel eyes

yeah you messed up too, hazel eyes changed to blue
beautiful what we had, too bad too bad
Track Name: Dancing on the Sunshine
I wanted to fly today,
so I put on my wings and flew away
don’t believe a word that I say?
why don’t you check out the sky today?

my shoes are tied, I feel divine,
I’m dancing on the sunshine
stepping in stride, I’m not confined,
I’m dancing on the sunshine
filled with pride, glass filled with wine,
I’m dancing on the sunshine
inside sublime, as I glide,
I’m dancing on the sunshine

if you want to roll my way,
just hop on a cloud and float away
and if you want to dance with me,
just hit me up in the clouds some day

inside sublime, as I glide, I feel divine
I'm dancing on the sunshine
Track Name: Rocktober
following a long and grueling heat,
Autumn’s breast we begin to greet
down trekked sweat from head to toe,
up came the energizing tempo
as the trees and the leaves follow Winter’s trend,
it’s the season where the fun times never seem to end

put on your best dancing shoes, go out late don’t hit the snooze
it’s the party time of year for folks all over
it don’t matter if you’re drunk or sober
cause it’s Rocktober

altered pastels from yellow to brown,
brooms and tombs come in to town
tasty treats and harvest meals,
turkey roasts and red hot deals
when all the people fill the city blocks
friends get together and October rocks

get those Puma’s, put on those heels
text all your friends, we want everybody here
come to the dance floor, come on and dance more
don’t be a dance bore, come to the dance floor
Track Name: Love Lamp Shine
are your eyes open, are you looking for love
is there a girl you been dreaming of
are you on that prowl or just sitting back
is she blond or hair jet black
when you think for a second wrecking racking your brain
does that girl you want drive you insane
is your heart racing pacing out of control
is she country or rock and roll

let happiness, reverberate
let your love lamp shine, illuminate

when you close your eyes do you think of her
is she your love entrepreneur
do you have a shot or are your margins slim
with you will she float, sink or swim
do you think that she could be the one
or are you looking for a night of fun
does she have eyes that make you fall to the floor
is she afar or the girl next door
Track Name: Silver Finger
it is the way, the way she talks
knows what to say, she’s the boss
lightning quick, thunder strong
too beautiful even for this song

she’s a silver finger, a silver finger
she’s a silver finger and she pulls the trigger
she’s a silver finger, a silver finger
she likes that gold but she loves (her some)/(that) silver (finger)

silver veins, a silver tongue
around her eyes, she’ll make you numb
she doesn’t lose, and she still plays
her silver finger will blow you away
Track Name: Trust to be True
the tanner’s got a hold of my hides,
stripped my insides, and tossed out the bones
like a thief lying in wait with their knives,
my whole life, was a chance unknown
hot plate stove in a trailer,
hating my neighbors, no easy way out
stood by my side through cold nights,
waiting for daylight, dispelling my doubt

never thought that for a moment,
there was any point in hoping,
there was someone out there like you
who could accept me for my demons,
give me reasons to believe in,
someone I could trust to be true
all of my assumptions,
all the dreams I’d given up on,
the world outside I use to hate
now it has new meaning,
a whole new way of feeling,
you’ve shown me it’s a glorious day

you saw that the blaze was burning,
the hurt reoccurring, and you stood your ground
you looked at the heart of the flames,
placing no blame, on what you had found
watched the fire spend its rage, as embers gave way,
to cinders and coal
you stacked up all the pieces, smoothed out the creases,
made a house a home

trust to be true, trust to be true, I never knew, someone like you

it’s (such) (what) a glorious day
Track Name: Pomegranate
one two three four

pomegranate red drips, fast from my lips
and toward white floor staining forevermore
but all that I see is sultriness of your tease
expediency calls, softness falls
evaporated earth breathes, long drawn reveries
hauling for memories, syncopated a capelladies
squeeze tight to my side, make my arms your alibi
obediency drills, your love thrills

I feel your heart beat in love
drink the sweet juice of love
when our lips touch in love
drink the sweet juice

pomegranate red juice, tasty never hasty no
patiently awaiting so, at the end how will time know?
but all that I see, lunch it ain’t never free
sincerity wills your love thrills
liquid runs downhill, flowing with a swallowed pill
calling for flavor, passion it can’t waiver
squeeze tight to my side, make my arms your alibi
love never fails, love never fails

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